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Earn cash from sales when you promote VPS.one on your site!

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How the affiliate program works

  • The user sign up on the VPS.one website and receives a referral link in his personal account. Example: https://vps.one/?ref=1

  • The user distributes the link using permitted methods and receives 15% from the payments of clients attracted by the link within 13 months.

  • Earned money can be sent to WMZ or pay for VPS services.

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Typical affiliates

  • typical-1


    Tech bloggers have a great chance to be an affiliate and generate leads through their blog posts.

  • typical-2


    Developers have the right audience to get commissions based on their developer groups.

  • typical-3

    Review sites

    Sites with reviews and ratings can earn through affiliate links.

  • typical-4

    Youtube channels

    Record a video about VPS and leave a link to our hosting in the description.

Why our affiliate program is profitable

  • No investment! Just sign up and start earning from 15% from paid orders now.

  • The price of VPS from $0.15 per day attracts many customers.

  • Easy withdrawal of earned money to WMZ.

  • High conversion and customer retention: get paid for payment within 13 months.


  • How work Affiliate Program?

    Your reward is paid for each payment on your affiliate link of a new customer who orders a VPS server. You will receive 15% from each payment made by your attracted customer within 13 months but not only from the first, as it is organized in many companies. Thus, you will earn from each customer attracted and with each of its payments.

  • How not to attract customers?

    1. It is forbidden to register accounts for personal use through your affiliate link and discount code.
    2. It is forbidden to attract customers through contextual advertising for queries that are related to the name or brand of the company (for example, “vps.one”) in any search engines.
    3. It is forbidden to attract clients to the site without their knowledge (hidden redirects, img, iframe, etc.).
  • How to pay taxes on earnings?

    You pay taxes yourself according to the laws of your country.

  • Who will be interested in the affiliate program?

    This partnership can be interesting for all those who are engaged in creating websites, layout designers, web designers, web studios and even ordinary users who want to have a passive income without investing money!

  • How can I make money with the VPS.one affiliate program?

    You can promote VPS.one Products on your website, blog, articles, social media postings, YouTube videos, and other online properties by signing up for our affiliate program and getting your own link. We will track and pay you a percentage on every purchase made through your link.


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