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We suggest installing an SSL certificate to use it to increase the number of customers on your site.

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14.95 $ per year


AlphaSSL Wildcard

39.95 $ per year


GoGetSSL Domain SSL (domain.tld + www.domain.tld)

5 $ per year


GoGetSSL Wildcard SSL (*.domain.tld)

50 $ per year


You will spend only 1 minute to order an SSL certificate in your "Personal Account". We will do the rest – we will install it on your website for just $2!


  • What is an SSL certificate?

    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a digital certificate that establishes a secure encrypted connection between a user's web browser and a website's server. It ensures that data transmitted between the user and the website remains private and secure.

  • Why is an SSL certificate important?

    SSL certificates are crucial for online security. They protect sensitive information like login credentials, credit card details, and personal data from being intercepted by malicious actors. Additionally, search engines often favor websites with SSL certificates, which can improve your site's search engine rankings.

  • How do I know if a website has an SSL certificate?

    Look for "https://" at the beginning of the website's URL in your browser's address bar. Websites with SSL certificates display a padlock icon next to the URL. You can also click on the padlock icon to view the certificate details.

  • What are the types of SSL certificate?

    There are several types of SSL certificates, including:

    Domain Validated (DV): Provides basic encryption and verifies domain ownership.

    Organization Validated (OV): Offers stronger validation and displays your organization's name in the certificate.

    Extended Validation (EV): Provides the highest level of validation and shows your organization's name in the address bar.

  • Is it recommended to use a free SSL certificate?

    It depends on your requirements. Anyone can install a free SSL certificate, as they are accepted by all well-known web browsers, such as Google Chrome. However, the free SSL certificate should not be considered as a complete trust solution, as it comes with certain disadvantages, including:

    Low Trust Factor: Free SSL certificates provide only basic security indicators, which may not inspire the highest level of trust.

    Limited to DV (Domain Validation): Free SSL certificates are typically available only in the Domain Validation (DV) type. This limitation makes them less suitable for securing e-commerce or corporate websites that require higher levels of validation.

    Short Lifespan: Free SSL certificates often have a relatively short validity period, typically lasting only one to two months. This frequent renewal can be inconvenient.

    Commonly Used for Testing: Free SSL certificates are commonly used for testing and development purposes rather than for production websites.


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