Terms of Service

These terms and conditions are a public offer and govern the relationship between VPS.one (the Company) and the client. This offer contract does not require signing in writing. Ordering and paying for services means full acceptance of the terms and conditions below. The company reserves the right to amend the rules for the provision of services unilaterally and without notice to customers.


  1. Software and content contrary to the laws of the country of location.

  2. Sites for the sale of goods that contradict the laws of the country of location.

  3. Pornography involving minors, animals (zoo), incest.

  4. Materials of an erotic and pornographic nature (adult), including links to them, except in countries where this is permitted by law.

  5. Phishing / fake, malware, farma, replica, IRC services, including links to them.

  6. Theft and hacking of sites, "bakeries", crack / hack and other similar activities.

  7. Port scanning, brute force, proxy checkers and other similar software.

  8. Fraudulent sites, HYIP projects, including links to them.

  9. Any viruses, exploits, including links to them.

  10. Any spam, grabbing, botnets, xrumer, submitter and any other similar software.
    SMTP ports (25, 465, 587) restricted. Ports 23, 2323, 37215 also blocked for security reasons and can be unblocked on request.

  11. Crypto currency mining such as "proof of work" (BTC, XMR, ZEC etc). This does not affect the Customer’s right to use consensus mechanisms such as "proof of stake" to verify transactions in the blockchain.

  12. Use ip addresses that do not belong to you.

  13. Resources distributing "spice" and other narcotic substances.

  14. Resources calling for interracial and ethnic hatred.

  15. Torrent trackers, websites and clients (such as ctorrent, rtorrent, Transmission, µTorrent, etc). Also downloading and uploading torrents through VPN.

In the case of complaints (abuse) and depending on the nature of the violation, the company reserves the right to apply one of the following measures in relation to the client:

  • provide 24 hours to correct violations without blocking services;

  • block services until the violation is corrected;

  • disable services without returning unused funds.

In some cases, the client additionally pays a fine if his actions directly or indirectly led to company losses.

Rights and obligations of the client

  1. The client is obliged to comply with all the rules and requirements described in this agreement.

  2. When communicating with company employees through the ticket system, online chat, phone and other means of communication, the client is obliged to communicate and behave within the framework of generally accepted ethical and moral standards.

  3. The client has the right to free technical support ensuring the availability, availability of the services provided and their compliance with the stated parameters.

Company rights and obligations

  1. The company reserves the right to amend the rules for the provision of services unilaterally and without notifying customers.

  2. The company reserves the right to suspend the client’s account or server for the duration of technical work, DDOS attacks, natural disasters and force majeure.

  3. The company reserves the right to delete a virtual hosting account or VPS server on the 10th day, after an overdue payment. Data on the account is returned only after payment of an expired period.

  4. By the decision of the administration, photocopies of passport data or other identification documents may be requested from the client.

Guaranteed Services

The company guarantees the conformity of resources stated in the tariffs, as well as the absence of overselling.

The company guarantees UpTime networks of 99%, except in cases related to equipment maintenance and software updates, DDOS attacks, natural disasters and force majeure, as well as downtime caused by customer actions. Network speed is limited to 100 Mbps as is subject to "fair use policy". The networks fair use policy ensures that all customers who choose a shared network connection get a fair share of the use of that resource, and that no customer is disadvantaged by the conduct of others. The networks fair use policy ensures that VPS1 can monitor network usage and ensure that customers do not excessively use network bandwidth to the detriment of other customers. VPS1 has the right to vary the terms of this networks fair use policy at VPS1's sole discretion.

Limitation of liability

The company is not responsible for the client choosing the OS, software, tariff and the consequences that this may entail.

The company is not liable for any type of direct or indirect damage, the operation of third-party software or services, loss of business reputation or financial losses associated with interception, data loss, DDOS attacks and other circumstances related or not to the client’s actions due to server downtime.

The company does not have access to the contents of the client’s servers and does not check for compliance of the content with these terms and conditions, with the exception of cases of well-grounded complaints from third parties.

The company is not responsible for the delay in the installation of dedicated servers for reasons beyond the control of the company.

Refusal to provide / render services

The company reserves the right to refuse to provide services to the client in case of indecent and abusive treatment, degrading the honor and dignity of the employee (s) of the company.- The company reserves the right to terminate the provision of services (at its discretion) if the client violates one or more paragraphs of these rules.

The company reserves the right to prohibit the placement of materials that, in our opinion, are not acceptable from the point of view of the universal principles of humanism.

Intellectual Property Complaints

The company has no right to establish the presence or absence of an offense. Only the relevant judicial and law enforcement authorities are authorized for this.

Filing a complaint about a violation of intellectual rights provides the copyright holder with the opportunity to protect their exclusive rights and provides for the forwarding of the complaint to the owner of the hosting service, the provision of time for a response and the decision to block the hosting service based on the results of the response provided by its owner.

The site owner has 24 hours to respond from the moment the complaint was forwarded by our company. If the complaint is ignored, our company has the right to block the site until a response is received from the client.

We do not cooperate with international organizations whose activities are aimed at counteracting the spread of spam, viruses, phishing and similar types of cybercrime.

If your IP address is on third party lists, you can send a link to those lists to our abuse department. We will contact them and ask them to remove your IP address from there. However, in such cases, we do not provide a refund or replacement of the IP address.

In the event of further problems, customers, as users, must resolve this issue, acting in the ways they consider most appropriate, in relation to the one responsible for the lock applied.