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  • Tier III Data Center in Slovakia
  • Experience the convenience of renting a server in Europe with the option for daily payments
  • Renting a VPS in Slovakia is now more affordable than ever, with prices starting from just $0.15 per day
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Virtual Private Server Plans


15 Gb SSD


1 Gb RAM

1 dedicated IP

∞ traffic

CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu




0.15 $/day

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30 Gb SSD


2 Gb RAM

1 dedicated IP

∞ traffic

CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu




0.25 $/day

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45 Gb SSD


3 Gb RAM

1 dedicated IP

∞ traffic

CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu




0.35 $/day

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60 Gb SSD


4 Gb RAM

1 dedicated IP

∞ traffic

CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu




0.45 $/day

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Our advantages

  • advantages-1

    KVM virtualization

    KVM virtualization guarantees 100% dedicated resources per VPS

  • advantages-2

    Tier III

    Servers are located in a reliable Tier III data center in Slovakia

  • advantages-3


    Payment by card, WebMoney, crypto

  • advantages-4

    Quick activation

    Servers are activated almost instantly

  • advantages-5

    Support 24x7

    Customer support works online around the clock

  • advantages-5

    SSL certificates

    Professional SSL certificates by AlphaSSL and GoGetSSL for low prices.

Pay per day/month/year

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VPS rental in Slovakia at VPS.one

Reliable Tier III Data Center

A Tier III data center in Slovakia is designed to be highly reliable, with little to no downtime. This is achieved through the use of redundant components and systems, which can keep the data center running even if one component fails. A Tier III data center is also more secure than a lower-tier facility, as it is designed to protect against physical and cyber threats.

rocky linux
oracle linux
alma linux

Over 10 Linux distributions

VzLinux 8, Ubuntu 18, 20, 22.04, Rocky Linux 8, Oracle Linux 8, Debian 9, 10, 11, CentOS 7, CentOS 8, 9 Stream, Alma Linux 8. Rent a VPS server with an operating system template installed.

Simple payment for services

Choose a convenient way to pay for VPS: WebMoney, by card, cryptocurrency. You can choose daily payment, payment for a month, a year, three years in advance.

master card


  • What are the advantages of using a VPS in Slovakia?

    Advantages of using a VPS in Slovakia include enhanced performance, improved security, scalability, customizability, reliability, geographic advantage, local support, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and data privacy.

  • How reliable and secure are VPS hosting services in Slovakia?

    VPS hosting services in Slovakia can vary in terms of reliability and security depending on the provider you choose. However, VPS.one prioritizes both reliability and security. We implement robust infrastructure, data backup solutions, and redundant system to ensure high uptime rates and minimal service disruptions. Additionally, the medley various security measures such as firewall, intrusion detection systems, and regular security audits to protect servers and customer data. Choose a VPS.one as a reliable and reputable VPS hosting provider in Slovakia to ensure the highest level of reliability and security for your website or application.

  • How does VPS.one customer support work?

    VPS.one offers 24/7 support, ensuring that you can always get assistance and answers to your hosting-related questions.

  • How important is the location of the VPS server, and what factors should be considered when choosing a data center location?

    The location of the VPS server is important as it can affect latency, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, data protection and privacy laws, redundancy and disaster recovery, network connectivity, and accessibility for support.

    The location of VPS.one in Slovakia gives the advantage of proximity to your target audience or market in this region. This can reduce latency and improve the performance of your website for visitors from Slovakia or neighboring countries.

  • Is it possible to upgrade or downgrade a VPS plan as the needs of a website or application change?

    Yes, it is typically possible to upgrade or downgrade a VPS plan as the needs of a website or application change. VPS.one offers flexible scalability options, allowing you to easily adjust your resources, such as CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth, based on your requirements. This allows you to scale your VPS plan up or down to accommodate changes in traffic, performance needs, or budget.

  • How does VPS hosting contribute to better website performance and load times compared to other hosting options?

    VPS hosting contributes to better website performance and load times compared to other hosting options through dedicated resources, scalability, customizability, isolation from other users, and enhanced security.

    VPS.one provides a high-speed network with low latency and high bandwidth, following your website to load quickly and ensuring smooth operation of applications.


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